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Thematic Learning

Every teacher in school takes some curriculum leadership responsibility as a ‘Curriculum Champion’. Staff work collaboratively in pairs with the support of the Curriculum Lead to lead an area of our Thematic Learning. Curriculum Champions plan a Whole School Learning Day at the beginning of each half term to engage pupils. Class teachers then plan and deliver a half term unit of work to their class on a topic linked to the Theme. Topics are carefully planned to ensure our pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Topics are enhanced by visits out of school and visitors in to school. Week 1 is focused on Engage activities, to hook the pupils in to learning. Teachers Develop pupils' learning over the half-term and in Celebrate and Reflect week, pupils reflect on their learning journey and present their learning to an authentic audience.

Schemes Of Work in each subject area ensure that we have a broad and balanced Thematic Learning curriculum at Pennine View that reflects our vision and values to meet the needs of our pupils, both over the course of Year 3 to Year 11 and into adulthood. The Long Term Plan ensures sufficient coverage across each subject over time and helps our pupils to know more and remember more about our Thematic Learning, to broaden knowledge and provoke interest and excitement. It is continually reviewed to ensure it provides the best foundation for high quality teaching and learning in order to maximise our pupil’s life chances and economic well-being in adulthood.

Our Thematic Learning curriculum is planned around six whole school themes that incorporate key SMSC ideas that are relevant to life in the 21st century and are taught by class teachers, to their own class:

Community – Essential Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

Our pupils will be supported to become active and positive members of society and of their communities.  The understanding of our lives, our communities and the UK social class system are imperative for social mobility.  Only 6% of adults with Special Education Needs in the UK are in employment. Our pupils will be able to confront the issues of their daily lives and will have the tools to be able to combat these. Our pupils will develop qualities and experience successes which will enable them to be the best that they can be – responsible citizens who can take on the world!


Diversity – Essential Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

If our pupils are to be responsible global citizens, then they need an understanding of their place in our world, how history has shaped modern society and how the rich diversity of our communities add to our shared cultural experiences. We are more special than one in a million: Each of us is 1 in 7.8 billion and our connections are what make us who we are.


Truth and Lies – Essential Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

We want our pupils to be honest and trustworthy citizens and, just as we need to teach them how to count or have a conversation, we need to teach them how to tell the truth, the importance of doing this and the implications of telling lies.  We also need to teach them how to recognise truth and lies including in Social Media. Pupils need to understand that in the media, there are many examples of fake news. Pupils need to be able to identify fake stories and bias that affect current society and distort history. We want pupils to make their own informed choices based on accurate information.

Truth and Lies

Fairness – Essential Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

We want our pupils to be responsible, knowledgeable, well-informed citizens. This topic allows us to develop the concept of ‘fairness’: how we can consider other people and develop compassion in our pupils. This includes teaching about fair trade and the impact we can have through the choices we can make on people around the world, including children. Through teaching about fair trade, we can help our pupils to understand how our actions can affect other people, and support them to see themselves as people of the world.


Our World – Essential Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

A clean environment is vital for not only our own healthy living but the survival of all living things. Our environment is under threat and this is an urgent issue. Our pupils will leave Pennine View with an awareness and understanding of the effects of our actions upon the environment locally, nationally and globally.  We have one home, one planet, and it is the duty of all of us to ensure we do our best as caretakers of our world for the generations to come.

Our World

Pride and Identity – Essential Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

For every young person to be prepared for life in modern Britain, it is vital that our curriculum reflects the full diversity of the world they live in. We celebrate individuality and diversity of gender identity and sexuality and encourage pride in our identities. LGBT+ inclusive teaching at Pennine View ensures that LGBT+ children and young people, and also those with LGBT+ families, see themselves reflected in what they learn. It encourages all our pupils to grow up and leave school with inclusive and accepting attitudes ready for adulthood.

Pride and Identity