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Oracy underpins the whole curriculum at Pennine View School in order to support our pupils to become successful adults.  Through the development of Oracy skills at Pennine View, we will support children to be able to develop healthy, positive relationships and make and keep friends.  Pupils will express themselves confidently, which will enable them to thrive and also navigate conflicts in their relationships in a positive and productive way.

The ability to speak and communicate is a pre-requisite to the ability to be able to write.  The Oracy curriculum underpins the Literacy curriculum. Improved Oracy skills will enable pupils to speak in sentences and develop their speech, which will be used as a tool to further writing skills.

The Oracy curriculum aims to give pupils their voice both literally and metaphorically.  It is important that pupils are able to form their ideas internally, which is developed by forming ideas with others first, a skill which will be developed through problem-solving and Oracy based activities across the school.  The life chances of children are significantly increased through good Oracy skills and this is what we strive for all pupils at Pennine View School.

Oracy is taught discreetly twice each week in the Experience stage and once each week in the Express stage.  At all stages, Oracy is taught and used as a vehicle for learning across the whole curriculum.