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Kingfisher Class 2023-24

Welcome to Team Kingfisher

At the assert level, pupils should build on previous learning in a range of contexts, explicitly learning about a range of local and global issues and be supported to be able to assert and justify their own opinions across the curriculum.  This stage is about flexibility and refinement of concepts and ideas, with pupils being able to debate and reflect, ready to change their minds or hold their ground. It is about being confident and self-aware.  It is about encouraging pupils to have conviction in their own views and the voice to communicate clearly.  We encourage pupils to respect and accept others’ opinions and individuality but understand how to respectfully disagree.  Drama, debate, communities of inquiry and real experiences are the vehicles for learning. We take every opportunity to extend learning in real life situations through visits and visitors and the media. Staff are facilitators of pupil-led learning at this stage, providing opportunities for pupils to become experts in concepts, refine their ideas and demonstrate clear understanding of the knowledge and skills they have learned.

Our pupils are now empowered to take on the world.

In Kingfisher, our Year 11 pupils will continue to learn through a combination of whole class, group work and individual work. There will be opportunities to practice skills through practical activities and real life contexts out of the classroom, in the local area. Learning will be pupil led and link to topic areas and our whole school themes. Learning will also be linked to real-life situations and the world of work through our careers programme. Staff talk will be minimal and about facilitating learning; instead, we will support pupils to learn to and through talk. 

Autumn 1 - Community - Topic Theme 'Doncaster, My City!'

This topic is all about the places where we live and those around us. We will learn about our home city and what facilities and services there are. We will think about leisure, work and education. We will learn what different opportunities there are for us in Doncaster. We will find out where things are, how to get there and how to access them. We will find out about different services in Doncaster, how these services may help us and how to access these services. We will learn and practice our independence skills through real life experiences. Through this topic, we will learn and practice skills to support us to be independent in the future.

The oracy focus is Inform and Explain. Pupils will develop their presentational skills over the half-term, with progressively more demanding expectations (eg formality, tone, gestures), part of the Physical Strand.  The topic will lead up to the Celebrate Activity – Interviews – pupils will be interviewed for Year 11 work experience roles.  They will use clear language when presenting answers to the panel and will be able to explain why they are the right candidate for the job role.