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Eagle Class 2023-24

Welcome to Team Eagles

At the experience level, pupils should encounter learning in a range of contexts and be given opportunities to observe, explore and play.  This stage is about experiencing new concepts and ideas through play and exploration. It is about being creative and curious. It is about encouraging pupils to ask questions. We encourage pupils to take themselves on their own journeys of discovery. Role play, continuous provision and creative activities are the vehicles for learning. Learning is implicitly linked to the whole-school themes through careful selection of resources and experiences. We take every opportunity to support learning in real life situations through visits and visitors. Staff are enablers and facilitators of learning at this stage through questioning, and modelling awe and wonder at the world.

This is the foundation for empowering our pupils to take on the world.

In Eagles, our Year 7/8 pupils need a nurturing approach to teaching and learning, with multi-sensory activities and repetition of key skills. Eagles will have the same theme topic as the Express Year 7/8 classes to ensure progression and belonging to their year group. There will be opportunities within the classroom to practice skills through practical activities and play. Pupils will learn to talk and learn through talk supported by scaffolded activities that allow pupils to access activities with increasing levels of independence.

Autumn 1 - Community - Topic Theme 'Where would you like to live?'

This topic is all about the places where we live and those around us. We will learn about the city of Doncaster. We will learn about the features of a city, what buildings there are and who lives and works there.  We will also visit more rural areas and residential areas to compare the features of these different places. We will look at photographs and pictures of other places to live and see how they are the same and different to our local area. We will visit different places (rural / urban) and landmarks in Doncaster to help us find out more about their city and all the different places that they could choose to live when they are older.

The oracy focus is Inform and Explain. Sentence stems will be used to challenge or build on other people's contributions. They will develop their presentational skills over the half term, with progressively more demanding expectations (eg formality, tone, gestures), part of the Physical Strand. The topic will lead up to the Celebrate Activity – an Estate Agent. Pupils will present a description of a house / room in a house. Pupils will need to learn to ‘talk like a sales person’, part of the Cognitive Strand. Pupils will watch TV programmes like ‘Homes Under The Hammer’ in order to learn how to do their own. They will develop public speaking skills over the half term, with progressively more demanding expectations (eg increase audience size), part of the Physical Strand.